10 Ways to Create Money and Cut Your Costs…

Helloooo… & a happy Saturday  to you πŸ™‚ According to Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor, Diane Kennedy her family has what they call, “CashFlow Sunday!” (It’s Your To Thrive by Sharon Lechter). Kennedy says in the interview that they ask themselves the question, What are 10 ways to increase revenue for their family business, and what are ways […]

Oh My…The Challenges of Growing Your Business on a Tiny Budget :)

Along with authoring a book (selling anything for that matter) comes the need for a website. Wordpress.org seems to be the most user-friendly website creation platform. I came across a great online program that would be perfect for me. Catch? Β It cost $2000… well worth it but alas, not in my budget 😦 Sooooo… what’s […]

Amazingly Focused day and did what I thought I wouldn’t….

I……………Β  had a delicious cup of Starbucks. 😦   ….Β  yumm :). (Back to no coffee today :). ) I met a Mastermind Group friend for a planning session at Starbucks. Temptation won… Sooooo was it the coffee that made yesterday (all day) so productive or…. the lack of coffee in my system overall? One thing […]

Writer’s Retreat on a Tiny Budget…

Today I packed up my healthy snacks, a foot-long Subway sandwich, computer,backpack,super warm travel blanket,homemade lavender-rose-eucalyptus spritz and headed for the local Amtrak train station. I’d been saving a travel voucher for a day to steal some time with one of my sweetest delights,writing πŸ™‚ The trip from San Diego to Santa Barbara takes five […]