My Top 7 Natural Cold-Busters…

Here’s a video I made for this entry. It’s my first so please excuse the nervous energy 🙂 My Top 7 Natural Cold-Busters Taken from my upcoming book…Broke and Healthy On the Way to Wealthy (December 2013) Acknowledge the fact that your body needs attention now 🙂 Blend a healing drink. Here’s what I use to […]

Another One Day Writer’s Retreat on a Budget Day Tomorrow…:)

Going to use up the rest of my coupon from last summer’s trip to New York. I love the steady motion of the Amtrak train. The views in my peripheral vision create an interesting backdrop to my thoughts as I write. San Diego to Santa Barbara…10 hours of writing …love it…can’t wait! On this trip […]

Sleeeeee-pee… :)

Been sluggish this whole week.  Yesterday evening I took a nap at 4pm …slept through the alarm…and… My Financial Peace University class at 630, waking up at 7pm 😦      (back to sleep at 10pm  until this morning…lots of sleep :).   ) Think my body is fighting off something. Many of my students have cold symptoms […]