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Blessed in Sooooooo Many Ways….

Thank You! 🙂 Thank you God for those that pray for others Thank you for strangers… We are sisters and  we are brothers Thank you for kindness and opportunities to give Thank you for choices and a life we can choose to live Thank you for potential and desire Thank you for the opportunity for […]

Yipppppeeeeeee… This morning I have time to work on writing the last few chapters of my book… :)

Broke and Healthy on the Way to Wealthy, will soon be available for you to read 🙂  It’s packed with ideas about how to  stay healthy, save money and strategize so you can become wealthy for the rest of your life 🙂 In the downloadable version of the book there will be links and videos designed […]


It is at times like this – times when monetary resources are low- that I remember how plentiful my spiritual resources are. It is times like this when existing resources become optimized. Creativity abounds… A look in bare kitchen cabinets leads to all sorts of creative recipes…often very yummy too 🙂 It is times like […]

Learning so much :)

Here are some great resources for you. These DVDs have lots of recipes. I’m learning so much and the food looks soooo beautiful. Yesterday was a totally raw day…substituted some carrot juice then a mango a go go from Jamba Juice as meal replacements. Feeling lighter…sleeping better 🙂 Blessings 🙂 RawFundamentals by Chef Mary B […]