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Yipppppeeeeeee… This morning I have time to work on writing the last few chapters of my book… :)

Broke and Healthy on the Way to Wealthy, will soon be available for you to read 🙂  It’s packed with ideas about how to  stay healthy, save money and strategize so you can become wealthy for the rest of your life 🙂 In the downloadable version of the book there will be links and videos designed […]

This Week I Finish Editing My Book :) The challenging part is…

…writing about challenging experiences you’ve had. It’s a drag to have to relive them.  My book is about moving from being broke, staying healthy and repositioning toward becoming wealthy. Today I’m writing about, mindset. Sometimes we look back and wonder how we remained positive in the face of extreme circumstances. In retrospect we realize just […]

Hellooooo & Happy Tuesday

Yipppeeeee – One week off work 🙂    Goals:  1. Complete short book about growing up without a dad. (The great Yogi, Seane Corn advised us in the video, Yoga Is, to try to help others who are experiencing the pain you’ve felt. She phrased it something like, ” If you want to know your purpose, […]

Sometimes life gets in the way ….

Got as far as the train station when…life got in the way! Immediate action was required… Car window wouldn’t close. 😦 ( on the way to wealthy  sometimes isn’t pretty…my 1999 BMW has its issues but damn.it…it runs. )  🙂 Opened a piece of mail…required immediate reaction a twenty minute trip to the bank Missed […]

Another One Day Writer’s Retreat on a Budget Day Tomorrow…:)

Going to use up the rest of my coupon from last summer’s trip to New York. I love the steady motion of the Amtrak train. The views in my peripheral vision create an interesting backdrop to my thoughts as I write. San Diego to Santa Barbara…10 hours of writing …love it…can’t wait! On this trip […]