Happy August 2016 😍

What the heck!!!!!!! It’s already August…  This has been one of my favorite summers. Filled with travel, play, raw food, Ayurveda, exercise, family and friends, this has truly been a summer of feeling CONNECTED :). It has also been a summer of immense growth and learning. Integrating new habits can be an interesting process. Ayurveda, […]

Helllllllloooooo… :-)

Myyyyyyyy goodness! How time flies 🙂 I’ve been busily working as a very blessed teacher. I am particularly grateful because I’m working with a teacher who is equally committed to our students success. In our field of service… I often find the need to remind myself and others to rejuvenate … When we take time […]


Hellllllooooo… Healthy and On the way to Wealthy 🙂 Do you notice how life can be filled with periods of pure busyness! Weeks, months and sometimes even years can pass where you find yourself totally focused on work … And the agendas of others??? Today I’m wondering… How do I carve out time?… 🙂 DEEP […]