Helllllo On the Way to Wealthy… Searching for my Winner’s Edge…

Do you ever feel like progress is moving in sludge-style? Ever wonder where that oomph is? You know, that internally motivated burst of energy that creates a laser vision to getting things done…RESULTS!!!! 🙂 It seems mine is on vacation… sleeping maybe?… Dead? Noooooo… 😦 It’s not dead! It’s definitely not dead… 🙂 I’m just […]

On The Way to Wealthy Struggles …Helllllllloooo Path and Journey Buddies :)

Sometimes in the midst of busyness we can choose to simply … STOP! Inside of Struggle I’m choosing to find ease… In the Heart of Frustration… I’m deciding to Release… I’m choosing to release chaos, uncertainty and lack of focus… I’m exercising my right and ability to Surrender to joy Today I will reign Monkey […]

Hellllllllllllllllllloooooo Fabulous Folk :)

Busy times are here 🙂   Quick note to remind us all to … Remember… when we are busy, “on the grind” as one of my favorite people describes working hard 🙂   we must… always keep our goals close by- written and in clear view many times a day… lest we get so caught […]

Do what you love… Life feels soooo much better :0)

Hello Fabulous Folk  🙂 “On the way to wealthy”  can come with obstacles, challenges and times you just feel like quitting.  I’ve certainly had my share of tough times. 😦  So what keeps us going?   Here are few things that work for me when life feels crazy and hard: 1. Rest… Nothing beats a […]

When Focus Evades … Stop!!! fleeting butterfly…

Helllooo   🙂     … Did you ever have an opportunity to do exactly what you said you wanted to do? You planned for it… The day(s) arrives …  You’re excited… Then… the exact opposite of what you hoped for happens!!!  😦 Today’s a bit like that for me… I have a few full […]

Happppppeeeeeeeee New Year Most Precious Ones…

2013 🙂  Finds me deep in the completion of my book, Broke and Healthy on the Way to Wealthy  🙂 – It is taking great discipline and I am grateful for the opportunity of time. 2013 will end  and 2014 will begin with me on my knees in gratitude for that which is 🙂 Many Blessings […]