Helllllo On the Way to Wealthy… Searching for my Winner’s Edge…

Do you ever feel like progress is moving in sludge-style?

Ever wonder where that oomph is? You know, that internally motivated burst of energy that creates a laser vision to getting things done…RESULTS!!!! 🙂

It seems mine is on vacation… sleeping maybe?… Dead?

Noooooo… 😦 It’s not dead!

It’s definitely not dead… 🙂 I’m just having trouble accessing it…



What’s worked in the past…



-Motivating music like Alicia Keys,’ That Girl is on Fire and Bruno Mars,’ I Wanna Be a Billionaire‘ etc.

-Act in spite of fear
-blah blah 🙂

Today’s one of those days. The kind of day when disappointments abound, and feeling stagnant is the mood. 😦


I shall TRUST and know… that THIS TOO SHALL PASS 🙂

… In the meantime …

+ I’ll call 100 people in my Real Estate database 🙂
+ I’ll wear something that makes me feel great 🙂
+ I’ll call a friend and network this evening 🙂

Damn it… The blues will not take residence here 🙂

Here’s to SHINING…Your Winner’s Edge 🙂


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