Do what you love… Life feels soooo much better :0)

Hello Fabulous Folk  🙂

“On the way to wealthy”  can come with obstacles, challenges and times you just feel like quitting.  I’ve certainly had my share of tough times. 😦  So what keeps us going?


Here are few things that work for me when life feels crazy and hard:

1. Rest… Nothing beats a good night’s sleep 🙂

2. Ask for guidance…Look within… When things get tough (as well as when times are great)  I default to prayer. Ask for clarity. With faith in answers and trust in reasons (maybe unknown at any given time) for my existence I find comfort and peace 🙂

3. Dream and write down the things you love to do. Have fun with it!  Imagine you’re experiencing it as you write the words.      Breathe … and… smile. Believe what you want is yours!

4. Move your body. I learned  from Tony Robbins’ Personal Power 2  and attending his seminar,  Unleash the Power Within.   Your physiology affects your thinking.  Feel the feelings  you wrote about in #3 as if you’re actually having the experience right now.

5. And… Do the things you love to do. Do you enjoy music? … Play your favorite song right now!  Love writing?  Write… right now!  Love art? Do it now!… Love to laugh?  Put some comedy on now!  Can’t do it now?  Schedule it…Commit to a time to just LAUGH… 🙂  Laugh until you cry 🙂  We have choices… Why not commit to doing more of what we love to do? 🙂 I choose to play more 🙂  I choose to keep writing 🙂  I choose to practice more Yoga 🙂  I choose to forgive and show more love to those I choose to 🙂   I choose to sell more houses than I ever dreamed possible 🙂  I choose to give and volunteer more than I’ve ever done before in my entire life 🙂  I choose to love myself and others unconditionally? I choose to bask more in the sunshine?   Oh and …I choose to travel to Costa Rica 🙂 🙂


What do you choose?  I hope you choose to do more of what you love 🙂


Margo 🙂


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