When Focus Evades … Stop!!! fleeting butterfly…

Helllooo   🙂     …

Did you ever have an opportunity to do exactly what you said you wanted to do? You planned for it… The day(s) arrives …  You’re excited… Then… the exact opposite of what you hoped for happens!!!  😦

Today’s a bit like that for me…

I have a few full days left of my personal Writer’s Retreat… I’m so close to finishing my book (Broke and Healthy on the way to Wealthy)… and now… I can’t get myself to settle down to write ….yuck!!!! yuck, yuck   😦  …     🙂


go for a walk

go for a swim

take  a shower

scream 😉

take a nap

get the feelings down (Thanks for listening… This option I have picked 🙂 …Starting to feel better already 🙂  )

jump on my exercise trampoline (can’t think of the name of it right now)… Rebounder…That’s it!

YOGA!!!!!  Do Yoga…  Shower…Then do Yoga… and Breath!!!!   The writing will come… (it doesn’t help that I could hardly sleep last night…) This book shall be done… This book shall be done!  Come Sunday…The book is complete… If it doesn’t want to be done, there’s just going to have to be a part 2. This book will be offered to its reader next week.

Blessings… Your prayers for this book’s completion are soooo appreciated 🙂

From my heart to yours,

Margo 🙂

Okay…  Here goes…   I can do this… I can do this …:)


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