Goooooooooood Day… OnThe Way to Wealthy and OHHH so Healthy :)

I hope you are choosing to have an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing day today 🙂


Two things:


1. If debt and money challenges are keeping you up at night/on your mind get them out of your head and on to the page. As the wealth master Dave Ramsey teaches, write all your bills down from largest to smallest. Include everything you can think of.

Just doing this alone can be freeing. Yeah… It definitely may be painful 😦 – especially if you owe a lot of money. Important though… is that once it’s written down you’re now facing the monster. 🙂 When it’s stuck in your head it’s more elusive, more daunting. 😦 Like any problem/fear… facing it-identifying it, is the first step to managing and getting rid of the problem.

What was once so daunting now can be seen!  When you can see it for what it is you can now decide how to approach the problem – Choose a strategy to win!   🙂

Dave Ramsey recommends paying from smallest debt to largest. Each time you pay a bill off you get a great feeling of control and accomplishment and JOY. From there you build momentum. Add no new bills (use cash only) .

Goal= DEBT-FREE YOU   🙂  (and Me 🙂 )

…Don’t you love it 🙂   (Spend lots of time imagining and visualizing your life and financial freedom being DEBT-FREE YEAHHHHHH YAH) I can feel the warmth of your smile as a write 🙂 


2.  Here’s a great Blog for Gluten-free bread recipes yummmmmm 🙂

Here’s to our FABULOUS LIFE 🙂  Have  a great day! I’m off to work soon- Gonna do some Yoga first -yipppeee I still have time 🙂



Margo 🙂



4 thoughts on “Goooooooooood Day… OnThe Way to Wealthy and OHHH so Healthy :)

  1. I love your article. The one thing Dave Ramsey doesn’t address is a specific way to make more money. Being fiscally responsible is just one part of the financial freedom equation. I have followed Dave for a long time, there is finally a foundation to implement Dave’s principles while being able to make residual income sharing financial responsibility! #wakeupnow #hublife

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