Helllllllloooooooooo Fabulous Ones :)

Wishing you the Sweetest Wednesday 🙂 I have been very busy with my On the Way to Wealthy ‘stuff.’ The last few months have been filled with trainings and skill-development. As an Educator and Realtor there is always lots to learn 🙂

Today I was reminded of the wonderful connection between health and wealth. I find that when my body is clean internally and externally my creative abilities soar!

Beginning Monday I started back with drinking lemon water daily. The results are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!     I rinse and cut up an organic lemon and place it in my Thermos … think it holds a liter of water/coffee. Next I fill the Thermos with boiling water. That’s it!   As the day goes by I drink it; the longer you leave the lemon soaking, the more concentrated the solution becomes… and the more of a “natural bleaching” effect it has on cleaning out your system of accumulated toxins. For me it provides a gentle and tasty approach to cleansing my body temple 🙂

Not surprisingly I’ve been having all sorts of creative ideas as to how to reinvent and create a FUN business while helping my buyers and sellers sell and buy their houses 🙂

This afternoon will be spent planning and scheduling all of these great ideas 🙂


Here’s to your Excellent Health and Delightful Wealth 🙂

From My Heart to Yours xxxoooxxx

Margo 🙂


P.S. But firrrrrrrst… a little time in the Jacuzzi catching up with my Yoga Journal Magazine

P.P.S. The flowing creative juices are definitely aided by the fact that I’ve been falling asleep lately to Napoleon Hill’s amazing brain while listening to his audio book each night 😉

Blessings 🙂


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