10 Ways to Create Money and Cut Your Costs…

Helloooo… & a happy Saturday  to you 🙂

According to Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor, Diane Kennedy her family has what they call, “CashFlow Sunday!” (It’s Your To Thrive by Sharon Lechter). Kennedy says in the interview that they ask themselves the question, What are 10 ways to increase revenue for their family business, and what are ways to cuts costs?

I’ve decided to pose this question for myself as a weekly repeating calendar event.

“What are 10 ways to increase revenue and cut costs this week?”

Here goes today’s ideas:

Increase income:

  1. Sell 10 items from around the house
  2. Get my E-Commerce website up and running
  3. Finish writing my next book
  4. Promote and market my books
  5. Help 10 people with their home buying needs by providing current, relevant and needed information
  6. Create systems that save time and money 
  7. Plan … ways to create money daily
  8. Read more about ways to create money
  9. Create and systematize avenue of income
  10. Focus on accumulating assets

Ways to Cut Costs:

  1. Track spending
  2. Spend less
  3. Cook and organize/freeze food for travel
  4. Eat “real” food… fruits, vegetables… Drink water with slices of lemon in it
  5. Stay on budget/daily spending plan
  6. Collaborate more… We spend less when many share the costs
  7. Keep home/desk/car clutter-free so you don’t forget what you have and start buying stuff you already own because you can’t find it.
  8. Don’t get a contract (cell phone) stick with $50 prepaid… just change provider 
  9. Borrow from library without incurring overdue bills (I’ve been great until just recently… It’ll be all taken care of today 🙂  Although I truly love donating to the Public Library… What a gift we have in that system)
  10. Make my own lotions & soaps (and give some away as gifts 🙂  )


                        Please share your ideas for creating money and cutting your costs!

Many Blessings!

Margo 🙂



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