Pay Yourself First …

Here are two great resources for you…

It’s Your Turn to Thrive, by Sharon Lechter (Accountant for Robert Kiyosaki of, Rich Dad, Poor Dad)


Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki. 

These books/recordings are not new. However, reading them again is helping me to remember some fundamentals. For me, right now my focus is: “What’s the next asset I will buy?”    and…  “Pay yourself first!”   Pay myself first. It’s a habit I’m revisiting happily.

I say “happily” because it has created wonderful outcomes in the past. It was through this process I acquired Real Estate and… sent my fabulous son to private schools (as a divorced mother receiving no support).

Paying yourself first works! Have money pulled out of your check automatically if possible. Start small, increase the amount frequently. Get a raise? Add that to your, Pay yourself first amount.

Here’s to a wonderful time funding hopes and dreams!


Margo 🙂


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