Summmmmmmmmer is Heeeeerrrre… Feels so Good!

Feeling Healthy


Feeling On The Way to Wealthy πŸ™‚

  Why healthy?   Drinking many more smoothies than usual. Fresh fruit is every where in the stores. I buy in bulk, freeze some fruit in small portions, then use as needed. Today I made a green juice with pineapple, an apple, cucumber, carrot, oat bran, and Aloe Vera juice. I really enjoyed it for breakfast. (Even though I had my doubts at first πŸ˜‰ )The oat bran gives you that full feeling.

Playing the game, Cashflow 101 really brings my attention to what needs to be focused on: Buying assets. Now my thoughts are leaning toward the question, “Which assets are in my price range?” (itsy bitsy… super meager at this time 😦 since I’m in pay off debt mode  )

It’s interesting how some of the money experts differ in their opinion. Dave Ramsey tells us we should be completely debt-free (minus your house) before even think about investing. Robert Kiyosaki says in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad  that you use the money you make from investing to pay off debt. 

Both make sense to me. I know for sure though that had I not invested in Real Estate, I’d probably still be paying my  college student loan bill; I used money from the equity in my property to pay it off.

Dave Ramsey’s approach helps me to develop an attitude of remaining debt-free. Paying off debt before I buy anything else feels right. It’s a great habit to develop. Buy the item with the knowledge… no more spending until this one’s at zero. I love it!

And you…………

Have an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing day!


Margo πŸ™‚


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