Happpppeeeee Saturday… It’s been a while :)

  • Speak and Write to Make Millions (The Lisa Nichols conference) was amazing. Incredible things happen when you are surrounded by like-minded people. I set some new goals and felt extremely inspired.
  • Recently I received disappointing news. I was hoping to earn a specific amount of money this summer. Turns out it wasn’t meant to be. Soooooooooo….. what does one do when one has lemons?   “Make lemonade!” you say. I’d have to agree with you 🙂 
  • Instead of ruminating on what could have/should have been I choose to use that energy to help a BUNCH OF PEOPLE THIS SUMMER!
  • Beginning tomorrow I am going to create a video series focused on helping people save money while eating healthy, taking care of themselves (that would be YOU!   🙂 ) and placing a focus on wealth-building strategies.
  • Remember… the more value you bring to people, the more abundance you will gain. Where will the money/resources come from?  Like Deepak Chopra’s teacher told him (and stuck with me when I read it), “From wherever it is!”
  • Here’s to helping a bunch of people and abundance too! Oh and of course…  Here’s to turning the negative energy from disappointments into AMAAAAAAAZING Successes 🙂          


          Blessings to you this day and every day

          Margo  🙂 

      My first video will be on the, ” About ” section of this Blog 🙂


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