Goal-Setting Rocks!

Goal Setting

We’ve all heard about setting goals. Maybe you’ve even set a few yourself. For me written and visual goals are a REQUIREMENT.  Schedule time to work on your goals. Give yourself many hours. I like to devote at least half a day. Planning a three day session in a beautiful vacation environment is even better; feeling relaxed and nurtured seems to coax my inner dreamer. I get so excited about goal-setting sessions because I know some great things are about to happen.  Consider it a work day (s)… You’re working on your life!

Momentum begins when we have the thought. That’s step one. From idea to fulfillment goes something like this.

  1. Awesome idea pops into your head
  2. Decide you will reach that goal
  3. Get excited and feel the feelings of achieving the goal (watch/read, The Secret)
  4. Write it down
  5. Give yourself a deadline (This can be reset. Ultimately the when part of goal achievement can sometimes require simple faith, trust and patience- I refer to it as God’s time)
  6. Place a visual (photo/words/symbol) in obvious place(s) (read anything by John Assaraf)
  7. Place your attention on your goal often (Deepak Chopra)
  8. Take action in the direction of your goal
  9. Happily, expectantly and patiently await the arrival of your goal
  10. Celebrate when it arrives (Tony Robbins – Check out the goal setting workshop component of his amazing CD program called, Personal Power 2. It can change your life)

Big picture goals are like your road map. The smaller goals can serve as sign posts. They let you know you are on your way.

Here’s a cool resource.


A few more ideas on goal achievement

Break them down into time periods… short term (ex. Automate my bill-paying process, clear paper clutter on my desk by Friday) mid-range and long-term.  I’ve seen the time periods broken down in many ways. This works for me:

1. List 100 things on my mind

2. Prioritize above list

3. Put a deadline date next to each item

4. Start a new list of goals under the following headings: 3 months, 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year goals.

5. Have some great music in the background and enjoy the process.

6. Share your goals with people you trust.

7. Remember to step out of the box/fish bowl and THINK BIG!



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