Hellooooo & Happy Tuesday

Yipppeeeee – One week off work 🙂   


1. Complete short book about growing up without a dad. (The great Yogi, Seane Corn advised us in the video, Yoga Is, to try to help others who are experiencing the pain you’ve felt. She phrased it something like, ” If you want to know your purpose, write about your wound.”  I’ve heard this before but this time it hit me hard!!!!  A few nights ago I stayed up most of the night and did exactly that. By Sunday afternoon through a river of tears I was done 🙂  

The next several hours were spent trying to figure out the technology to upload the book to createspace.com  Two problems:

  •  I intended for it to be an Ebook -Createspace.com does only printed physical books. It’s different from Amazon.com where I thought I was 😦


  •  I spent hours trying to format it from the writing software, Scrivener (love it 🙂 )  to the required margins/format so I could upload to createspace.com

Before I knew it I’d wasted hours

As a last resort I sent an email to them about my challenges. Thank goodness my mistake was figured out in time 🙂

2.  Compile and upload to Amazon.com some poetry as a poetry book

3.  Complete my book on being Broke, Staying Healthy and Becoming Wealthy

4. Get all bills automated

5. Get rid of all paper clutter

6. Be grateful every day and all day for this week where, My Time is my own. (That’s one of my ultimate goals… choosing my own schedule as part if my lifestyle. 🙂


And you have a GORGEOUS day 🙂

Margo 🙂



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