Thank You Tony Robbins! …

Hello Amazing One!

Last weekend Tony Robbins had his INCREDIBLE weekend training in Los Angeles called, “Unleash The Power Within.” In true Anthony Robbins style he under-promised and over-delivered. Let’s just say, when you  can get yourself to walk on hot coals you know you can make your dreams come true 🙂

Oh my goodness! EXCELLENCE at its best… Tony Robbins took us through processes that helped his audience dig deep within to find answers… to notice ‘blind spots’  – to basically wake the heck up out of a trance of uninspired living.

I went with three other ladies from our Mastermind group. As we drove from San Diego to Los Angeles our intentions for the weekend were shared. We engaged in deep breathing exercises known to create clarity and lessen mind chatter. We prayed for each other and gave thanks for our union and that we were able to simply … SHOW UP!  Each of us had a series of obstacles come up until the very moment we actually sat in the car.  Once again we were reminded… When we take ACTION in the direction of our goals the universe takes care of the details 🙂

Big Learning:   Set your intention…your goal. EXPECT for it to happen. Believe  it’s gonna happen. (remember the Law of Attraction… Remember the book/DVD, The Secret… check it out if you haven’t.)   Yes, stuff may come up. Yep, there are delays …but the ‘show still goes on.’ 🙂  … And … It helps to have a good friend/parent/spouse/son/daughter give you a (sometimes not what you want to hear at the time) a little nudge… remind you of the goal you conveniently forgot… you know what I mean.  (Special shout out to my buddy Rocio 🙂 )For this conference… I was focused on the idea, “I don’t have the money!” Rocio helped me put my attention on the value/result after the training.

Sooooooo … I thankfully got my head out of the sand and thought about what Deepak Chopra’s teacher told him: “The money will come from where  ever it is.”  And put my attention on PREPARING to ATTEND instead. 🙂


  Today I did something that Tony Robbins has taught us. Ask empowering questions. Soooooo… Here’s mine: How can I create $20,000 in two days? 🙂     I wrote that question on 20+ post-it notes with a black sharpie and stuck it all over my place… in the most obvious places.
Guess what… ideas are coming 🙂   Answers are coming.  In honor of my decision to say, ” YES! ” when the universe provides opportunities for desire fulfillment I’m going to follow through with the first idea that came this morning. I’ll tell you how it goes.
Lots of love and shiny new ideas to you 🙂
PS I said “Yes” to the lovely silver Mercedes in my garage yesterday too 🙂   To God be the Glory!

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