I love this Roald Dahl quote…   Margo 🙂

what yoga gave to me...


So due to a combination of the fact that I started an IMMENSE organization project, followed by getting a ton of snow dumped on us,  I missed a lot of yoga…  I started to feel crazy in my head and in my body.  My lower back was hurting.  My hips were storing a ton of tension.  My head was back to its’ old tricks of consuming way too much of my energy, building stories and taking me along for the ride.  I was feeling super tired, worringly so.  At last, I had made sufficient progress with my organizational project to give myself a break.  I dug my car out of the snow, and allowed myself a trip to Legacy Place and Stil Studio.  The class was amazing and I’m loving Jamie Villanueva more and more every time I take a class with her!  I would almost prescribe to my…

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