Sleeeeee-pee… :)

Been sluggish this whole week.  Yesterday evening I took a nap at 4pm …slept through the alarm…and… My Financial Peace University class at 630, waking up at 7pm 😦      (back to sleep at 10pm  until this morning…lots of sleep :).   )

Think my body is fighting off something. Many of my students have cold symptoms now.

It occurs to me …haven’t been giving my body what it thrives on…  Yoga!  

Instead of resting so much …try Yoga!  Yes 🙂  I will do exactly that!! Yoga +Rest …an elixir for good health 🙂

Hope your day is lovely!
Margo 🙂

PS Eat lots of garlic during the cold season. It is a natural cold buster 🙂 …Drink lemon water daily to cut the mucus

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