As I am writing thoughts are flowing in a …let’s see…I’d say in a more pure way. Solutions are coming through. I’m experiencing the clarity I only get when my body is not so busy with the job of digestion.

Here’s an example. I’ve had a goal for few years now. I’d like to visit Esalen in Northern CA,  The Omega Institute in upstate New York and Kripalu in Massachusetts. They’re all Yoga/Rejuvenattion retreats. If it wasn’t the cost it was not having the time. For the most part both applied.

This morning…just like magic…a thought occurred. Instead of focusing on just going…plan to teach aspects of my book in the form of a class! The trip will be a write off, I’ll share my work and…have a beautiful experience.

Raw rocks ( and haven’t even been 100% raw… One meal a day is saved for ‘whatever.’  Keeping it on the healthy side though…)

Today I’m commited to finishing draft 1 of my book. I’m editing (not the most exciting stage of writing :O). )

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