Another One Day Writer’s Retreat on a Budget Day Tomorrow…:)

Going to use up the rest of my coupon from last summer’s trip to New York. I love the steady motion of the Amtrak train. The views in my peripheral vision create an interesting backdrop to my thoughts as I write. San Diego to Santa Barbara…10 hours of writing …love it…can’t wait! On this trip […]

Sleeeeee-pee… :)

Been sluggish this whole week.  Yesterday evening I took a nap at 4pm …slept through the alarm…and… My Financial Peace University class at 630, waking up at 7pm 😦      (back to sleep at 10pm  until this morning…lots of sleep :).   ) Think my body is fighting off something. Many of my students have cold symptoms […]

An offering…

Here is a most beautiful simple yet incredibly deep and lovely book written by Jack Kornfield. It’s called, The Art of Forgiveness,Lovingkindness, and Peace. There’s a meditation on page 19 about forgiveness. Oh my goodness. It’s sooo beautiful. Be Blessed 🙂 Posted from WordPress for Android


It is at times like this – times when monetary resources are low- that I remember how plentiful my spiritual resources are. It is times like this when existing resources become optimized. Creativity abounds… A look in bare kitchen cabinets leads to all sorts of creative recipes…often very yummy too 🙂 It is times like […]

Feeling the pinch of a tight budget…

On our way to wealthy sometimes sucks!  Yesterday was one of those days… Living on scary small funds now…but… Thinking BIG PICTURE… As Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else.”. Do all that it takes to be debt free for life One great thing about eating […]