Completions for 2012

December 28, 2012

  Last year this time I was:

1. Choosing to feel contentment in the midst of financial lows.

2. Focused on creating space for giving and receiving love – although it was not in sight. Intuitively I believe when we wait with joyful expectancy what we want arrives.

3. Cleaning my home, my heart (learning to heal through speaking my truth and forgiving myself and others), my body (cleansing and purifying with healthy food and homemade products),my mind (spending more.time in solitude and nature)  and clearing paperwork.

4. Committed to writing my first book. This writing held the promise of healing my pain while helping many others.

5. Choosing to a have a happy,bright and joyful 2012 filled with love.

6. 2012 has been filled with romance, love,joy,play, excellent health, sharing, caring, fun and creativity. My  book is almost complete. It’s really “our” book  because.. it’s for all that could use some practical tips on being broke, staying healthy while working toward being wealthy 🙂

What are your thoughts on 2012?

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