Tips for Saving Money this Summer

1.  Use the wonderful public library system to borrow music Cd’s, DVD’s and books

2. Buy fresh vegetables (growing your own is even better). Cut them up. Eat some, freeze some

3. Cook in bulk…eat some, freeze some. Walmart has glass containers for canning/storing food. This method has saved me sooooooo much money.

4. Learn to sew your own clothes. YouTube has cool tutorials. You can get any ‘How to’ book/DVD from your library also… Ask for remnants at fabric stores… I’ve saved amazing amounts of money sewing my clothes and my son’s     (when he was much younger…I wouldn’t dare suggest it now :))

5. Shop at Thrift stores/Craigslist

6. Buy in bulk. Share items/expenses with friends

7. Choose to have ‘free fun.’ List 10 things you can do by yourself and with your family that costs very little/nothing. One thing I love to do is walk in the park.

8. When my son was young we’d have picnics in the parks/lakes all over town. We’d pick out a book from the library…   and save it (built his anticipation and excitement)  to read ONLY at the lake/park/train…  Great for building memories.

9. Use an envelope for daily spending (spend only cash ) when it’s gone, it’s gone. Didn’t spend it today? More for tomorrow…or to save…great feeling.

10. Choose to be Happy and Joyful. Give thanks for your blessings in every situation. You’ll feel AWESOME… and that costs you absolutely nothing 🙂

Have a beautiful day 🙂

PS. More to come in my forthcoming book.


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