Helllllllloooooo… :-)

Myyyyyyyy goodness! How time flies :) I’ve been busily working as a very blessed teacher.

I am particularly grateful because I’m working with a teacher who is equally committed to our students success.

In our field of service… I often find the need to remind myself and others to rejuvenate …

When we take time to rest :) and rejuvenate :) we are so much more able to tackle the job of serving others :)

This morning with lots on my agenda I listened to my body… Rest!

Here’s to Listening to the Body Intuition!

Blessings to you forever :)

Margo :)


Hellllllooooo… Healthy and On the way to Wealthy :)

Do you notice how life can be filled with periods of pure busyness! Weeks, months and sometimes even years can pass where you find yourself totally focused on work … And the agendas of others???

Today I’m wondering… How do I carve out time?… :)

REFOCUSING time … :)
Time to finish writing my book … :) Time to check in with the Big Questions:…

How on track am I? How aligned with purpose? Am I doing more and more of what I love (a committment made so long ago)?

… Cabin in the woods with stocked lake … Where are you? :)

In the midst of this crazy busyness it’s time to BREATHE :)

Here’s to taking back and being in the driver’s seat of your own life :)

Blessings and Joy that leads to random smiles ;)

Margo :)

Soooooooooo Many Twists and Turns … On The Way to Wealthy :)…….

…. And yet we persevere :)
…. We get back on course from heart-wrenching losses, the ups, the downs and the oooohhhh soooo slow sludge stuff :)

… Here’s a gift for you my friend…:)

The time to read may be near or far… I say go ahead and give yourself a gift :) Give yourself the gift of time to read and savor the mix of … The elixir … Of the written word and that which manifests when combined with your own thoughts and experiences :)

Here’s to carving out time to read the best! :)

Below is a free download offered by one of my greatest teachers, Tony Robbins:


Hellllllllllllllloooooooo :)

Today I take a break to renew… :)

…Donate excess 

Release paper clutter…

…Remove toxins through cleansing the body temple and eating that which gives life and energy

Refresh the heart and mind in preparation for what is next… :)

Wishing for you cuddles and smiles that emerge from your deepest quietest places within…

Muaaaaaaaa… Enjoy this gorgeous day!

Margo :)

Helllllllllllllllllllooooooo …… :)))

Have you ever had a highly anticipated break? This week is Thanksgiving. It includes a few unplanned days off.

A few things I’m reminded of:

~ Consciously schedule down time… Why? It can get sucked up by other people’s priorities.

~Today I’m scheduling … Relaxing time… A new message on the phone answering machine will inform others of times of unavailability… The true meaning of time for oneself :)

~ Insist on self-care… When I’m depleted I’m no fun to be around… Chopra Meditation Center here I come for massage and Day Spa :) (Super Splurge for birthday :) :) )

~ Nurture your Body Temple … It is indeed a miraculous, amazingly wonderous beautiful vehicle within which we are housed.

~ Love and appreciate more, judge less

~ Wishing for you Peace, Love and Joy beyond measure!

Namaste :)


ACX Studio Gear Series: Home Studio Setup – Part 1


This is a great Blog for all you self-publishers like myself :)
Here’s to helping many while creating passive income … Yipppppeeee :)

Originally posted on Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX):

If you’re a regular reader of the ACX blog, you know we’ve been working our way through the list of items you’ll need for a professional sounding home recording studio. But what about the setup of the studio itself? Over the next few posts, we’ll be joined by expert and prolific producers from Audible Studios and ACX, who’ll offer their tips for the essential elements of home studio construction.

Today, we talk to ACX engineers, an author who built a home studio to narrate his own books, and our own Audible Studios staff about the importance of using high quality equipment and working with the noisy quirks of your unique recording space.

ACX: In your opinion, what are the most important elements of home studio construction?

Pete wVocal Booth_Small Peter A. Rohan’s Queens, NY home studio

Peter A. Rohan, ACX Producer: You’ve got to start with the right equipment. Use a…

View original 648 more words


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